Quebec City, 2014

Driven by a precise and inalienable artistic ideal, Francis Berthelot, Jean-Philippe Laforge, Philippe St-Laurent and Stéphanie Vézina formed Jet Black in 2008. Largely influenced by bands from the first shoegaze wave of the 90’s (Swervedriver, Pale Saints) in addition to some space rock derivative acts (Failure, Hum), Jet Black aimed to create an artistic project that would be independent and true to their own vision of music. It is only in 2011 that Jet Black released Escape Measures, an entirely self-produced record.

A first effort that will be well received by many specialized blogs and particularly by Jack Rabid, founder of The Big Takeover Magazine which, in response to Escape Measures, stated: “[…] they have the same kind of nasty yet cool killer crunch, lift-off and bellowed choruses […] as well as similar charging, riffing authority that makes every song stand-up […]”. In support of this release, Jet Black has notably taken part in the 2012 edition of the SXSW and NXNE festivals.

Pursuing with the approach already taken with their first album, Jet Black has written, between 2011 and 2014, a new record entitled In Paradox. Elaborated in an intense one-year recording process, In Paradox is the musical reflection of numerous fundamentally contradictory ordeals endured by the group during those years.

In the same way Escape Measures was, Jet Black’s new record is marked by the sound of the 90’s while being also influenced by some of their contemporary alter ego like The Life and Times and Cave In. Beyond those reference points, the heavily distorted guitars found on In Paradox rely on a highly dynamic rhythm section, thereby confirming that Jet Black has indeed a distinctive identity.

Jet Black will release In Paradox on iTunes on September 1st 2014.